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What size is the background image?

There is no set size for background images, however, obviously the larger dimension the better. We suggest a size of 1600 x 800 or something of that ratio works well. Jpegs works best as they are also generally smaller but you can upload other formats as well, such as Gifs for animated backgrounds.

How do I add links to my social accounts?

First you need to be logged in, then navigate to your account settings and click the Gaming Networks or Other Profile Links tab. Gaming Networks let you configure Xbox, PSN or Steam accounts, which are tracked by our Achievement/Trophy/Stat collectors. Other Profile Links lets you add links to your profile for other accounts you may have online. The list is quite large.

Alternatively there is a + icon to the right of your username, which takes you directly to the Other Profile Links settings tab.

Why are my recent updates not showing?

Our caching system typically caches site data for 10 minutes. If you wait for at least that before checking again, you should see the changes you made. For contributions, they will first need moderating, and our moderation list is reasonably large so might not be done straight away.

What can I contribute?

Our contribution engine allows all registered members to contribute a number of things to our database. The following are covered by the contributions engine:


  • New Games
  • Game Details (Publisher, Developer, Website link, Social links, Genres, Platforms) & Overview
  • Game Logo
  • GamePage Background
  • New Company
  • Company Details (Website lisnk, Social links, Country) & Overview
  • Company Logo
  • New Platform
  • Platform Details (Website link, Producing Company, Social links) & Overview

How do I get verified?

We verify players on an ongoing process. However if you would like to suggest yourself as a player to be verified, please contact us.

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